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Increase Your Returns With Intelligent Trading Platforms

Learn how AIS and our advanced technology systems can help you. Whether you work on Wall Street, manage a hedge fund, or are looking to increase returns on a personal portfolio, our systems can help to manage your accounts and increase your profits.


Hedge Funds

As of now, 75% of hedge funds lose money. Our program is able to handle portfolios from $1 million up to $1 billion a day.

Partner With Us

Whether you are an individual or a financial firm, partner with us if you have the resources and environment to enable our technologies. By working with us, you can reach the optimal levels of both efficiency and profitability. Our team will design the system for your particular purpose and advise you in the best ways to make use of the technology. We firmly believe that one of the best means to achieving potential is to partner with resourceful firms that hold mutually supportive goals. As we arrange our partnership, both sides will reach an agreement on how to share the profit.

Selling and Leasing

While we prefer to partner with hedge funds and financial traders, we will consider sale and lease arrangements. We welcome inquiries and proposals but do not guarantee a response.

System Programming

If you are interested in developing new strategies and systems for our trading platforms, we are open to contracting development. This is provided that the customized specifications do not exceed capabilities.